Thursday, July 14, 2011

Health information we might don't know?


Actually, I've been thinking to write an entry about the information for health. But, firstly I wanna ask for your apologize because I've already forgot what the reason behind each of the info. This health information is based on the articles I've read, I've known, and TV shows. Perhaps it might be helpful for us in taking care of our health.

1. Salt actually is more dangerous than Ajinomoto. (Based on the research done in Japan)
2. When we are boiling water, just do it once. Don't boiling water for second time cause it can cause cancer. (Based on an articel about health)
3. Cooking oil actually cannot be used for several times. Two times is reasonable. Otherwise, use new cooking oil.
4. Coco is not good for those who had migrain (Doctor's advise)

Perhaps with the information, we can practice a healthy lifestyle.

Kamsamhamnida. Thank you.


~teratai nailofar~ said...

makanan yg bley trigger migraine,, choc tmbh2 dark choc, coffee, and..lelainn i da lpe. ahahah

NurulAini said...

betul2..u ada migrain jugak kah cik yuyu?