Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

Today 30/12/2010..
what's with the date?
just want to mention the past two days..
is Sarah's 14th birthday..
happy birthday dear..
may Allah bless you..
may all your wishes come true..
study harder ya sis!!
so that you can also had the chance to get the first place in your exams..
just try a little bit then you can get it..
next year you will be sit for PMR.. your best..
my prays is always with you..
i know you can do it..
just repeat the success of yourself during UPSR two years ago..
but now..
don't look back..
because the success of the past will still remains the past..
now what you have to do..
is to look forward..
focus on your future..
make sure that both of fardhu ain and fardhu kifayah is in your hands..
create another success of yours..
let our father smiles because of our success dear..
and also....
our late mother too..
even she's not with us physically..
but she's always with us..
just only we can't see her..
last but not least..
<it seems that i'm having my speech this morning.. ^^ >
all the best sarah..
and also to fadhilah and ruqayyah too..

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