Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding ~18/12/2010~

today is Hanim's wedding..
congratulations to Hanim and husband..
may Allah bless both of you..
Hanim ♥ Farid

so far..
i can say a lot of my friends get married..
my friends from the same batch from KiGS..
2001 ~ 2005
congratulations to all of them..

today..i went to fetch Nadrah first before move to Hanim's house..
then, we met with Hanim first..
after that, as usual attend someone wedding, we went to eat..
we met other friends from KiGS..
there are a lot of them..
really happy to meet them..

is the photo session..
in the bride's room..outside..
who's the next ya?
hurmm.. (^,~)

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