Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sleep and friends

Hi there!
today i didn't sleep yet..
surprising huh?
a person who loves to sleep didn't sleep yet..
that's nurulaini = me..
sometimes i'll not sleep at night..
i love to awake early in the morning..
just because my habit to sleep lately..
then, i just can say goodbye to the morning..
early in the morning..
actually, i love to do works early in the morning..
it's different from doing such a thing from afternoon until evening..
don't like doing works in the period of time..

this morning..i went to pick up my youngest sister from her tuition..
then i went to......
i don't remember that place..
i went to do a new ic card..
the chip of the old one is already broken..
i've never change my ic card since the first time it was made..
oh ya!
just want to tell you something..
for those who already 18 years old, do the new ic ok..
then, make sure you don't wear your lens..
coloured lens..
that's what i've been told..

after that, i went to buy things..
i don't go for shopping..
just buy things necessary..
i wish i could go for shopping.. *_* are you..
no money no talk ok..

it's already raining..
maybe it's the suitable time for me to sleep..
i need to go to somewhere this evening..
ok..i wanna try to sleep..
see you next time..

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