Monday, December 13, 2010 it!

hi everyone!
good morning....
this is the first post i made in the morning..
not in the morning..
early in the morning..
today, i didn't sleep yet..
that's why i'm here..
doing my routine activity -- writing a new post!
i can't sleep ya today..
peace.. ^^

don't know why i'm addicted to games..
any games..
love to play games..
oh ya! but..
when i keep playing one game for a period of time..
then, i'll feel bored too..
so, i'll play other new game..
or sometimes i'll play games..
that i leave for a very long time..

don't know what title that gonna be written..
so..this time i've decided to write about games..
actually..this situation often happened to me..
wow, sound tragic right..
don't know what to write..
what the most suitable title for my post..
sometimes when i'm writing the new one, then..
in the middle of my writing, i'll be stuck..
already lost the idea..
lost the memory..

i'm sure..many of us like to play games right..
boys or girls..
hey nurulaini (talking to myself)..
are you sure that many of us like to play games?
hmmm..just continue to the next sentence ok!
ops! ok..tehee~
i'll just focus on student life..
of course student..
cause i'm still a student too..

still remember..
while we're staying at the hostel..
we'll play the same games..
ya, when we feel that someone played an interesting game..
then, we'll ask for that game..
install in our laptop..then start to play..
Chuzzle of the interesting game to play..
<i think that every game i played is interesting..hehe>

until now..
really like to play game..
it's just like fruits season..
there's certain time to play..
it's just like having the mood to play..
mostly when i'm in holiday..
don't know what else to do during holiday..
getting bored so in conclusion play games..

i think i better stop writing now..
<actually, already lost the idea to write..hehe>
ok..see later in the next post..
feel free to drop your comment ya!
love.. ♥

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