Sunday, December 26, 2010

South Korea

The name of this entry title itself make me really excited to write..
If you realize, almost all the background music of my blog is korean right..
peace.. ^^
love it..

Why i'm addicted to korean..south korea..
sort of things..
which is related to korea..
of course it started with the drama..
and now..
how i wish i can go to south korea one day..
really can't wait for that day to come..
please pray for me ya!

currently, i'm watching Marry me, Mary..
really enjoy this drama..
but i'm still not finished watching the drama..
actually..this drama is a new one..
so, in internet also..
can't find the 15th episode and so on..
really can't wait for the next episode!!!!

ok..back to the title..
i have one crazy dream to do..
what is it?
with the feel of exciting, i tell you..
i wish i could work in south korea one day..
travel the whole south korea perhaps..
how i love to travel..
but i don't have money yet..
with the hope when i'm working soon..
earn some money..
i could do things i wanna do..
like going to south korea..
main focus : Seoul
perhaps i can work in Seoul one day..
pray for me ya!
may this crazy dream of mine will become true..

ok..i wanna continue listening to the songs..
OST of Marry me, Mary..
that i download just now..
until we meet again....
live happily!! :)
lots of love : Nurul

The view of Korea is beautiful ha.. :)

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