Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm getting involved

When holiday came..
i always thought to work..
ya, to earn some money..
to buy do the saving..
buy things to my younger sisters..
i've never had the chance to work..

my father said..
there's no chance to be in holiday when i start to work soon..
he asked me to help him at home..
send and fetch my sisters from tuition..
spend my time at home..
so, i decide for not to work..

i saw facebookers doing the business through facebook..
i got the idea..
then, i'm getting involved..
currently.. =)
guess what?
i'm getting involved in lens business..
ya, i wanna earn some money for my living..
mostly, for back up..
if i don't have enough money for my living, then i can use the money..
to buy things also..
and i wish i could buy an expensive shirt for my beloved father..
buy clothes for my sisters..
i like to shop..
then, of course i need some money to do that also..
only one semester left to go..
perhaps i can enjoy with my friends..
going somewhere..
ICT..Genting Highlands..
all the things need some money..
please pray for my success in the business ya!

oh ya! for those who are interested in buying contact lens..
let me know ya!
do have a look on my facebook page..
this is my email :
thank you for all the support.. (*n_n*)

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