Saturday, December 11, 2010

The first fried noodle

not tonight i think..
it's already saturday morning..
but i wanna still write my post today..
ok..let's just forget about it..

only my younger sister, sarah and i left today..
my father isn't at home just now..
so..i asked my younger sis..
"do you hungry?"
she's replied : what we'll gonna eat?
i told her to check my purse..
unfortunately, i only have rm4!!
T_T mind just keep thinking..
what i wanna do ya..
i check for maggie stock..
maggie is just a brand ok..
we prefer adabi..
ouh..there's nothing left..

i saw noodle..
yes! i got an idea what to eat..
fried noodle..
then my cooking process is just started..
while the television is just turned on alone..

after a while......
my fried bihun is done..
then i try it..
i'm not an expert in cooking ok..
eventhough my father is an expert in cooking..
hehe..peace.. ^^
but i love to cook by myself..'s done..then i gave it to my younger sis..
her comment : ok..delicious.. ^^
then my father came back..
i asked him to try my fried bihun for the first time.. expert of cooking said..
surprising haa.. ;)
ok..delicious but quite spicy..
i made it spicy..
it's a relief actually to eat spicy food..
really happy to hear that..
after this, i wanna make some cookies, cakes, and the others too..
coming soon..... ^_^

ok..i wanna continue watching movie..
see you next time!!
<sleep happily today>

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