Saturday, January 1, 2011

My very special besties..

It's already a new year of 2011 today..
perhaps everything will be better than before..
this morning..
i wanna write about my besties in utem..
some people who are very special to me..
i love them so much..

Syafiqah Shahruzzaman
she's nice..beautiful..
always stay at my side when i need someone..
she's always here for me..
she's not only a beauty physically..
her pure heart a miracle..
i love her very much..

Nor Syaza Farhana Mohamad Murad
she's cute..
a funny person..
she's quite a fierce person..
but she's nice..kind..
always give the courage to me..
i love her very much..
very comfortable when we're together..
when i become a silent person, she'll ask me why i'm being like that..
a very care person..

Zakiah Mustapha
miss her so much..
it's been a while since i met her..
we're very close..
eventhough she's not in utem anymore, we'll still always get in touch..
our birthday is on the same date too..
the difference between our birthday is only the year..
she's like a model..
i love her very much..

Rozilawati Mohd Nor
a funny person too..
when i sad, she's trying her best to make me laugh..
she did it..
i love to go shopping with her..
she'll give her very best opinion in making decision..
also in life too..
love to listen to her..
i love her very much..

Aspariza Abdul Halim
she's just like a mummy to me..
miss her so much..
kind hearted..
an expert in cooking..
sometimes we change our problem..
listening to each other..
giving me the advice..
i love her very much..
sincerely in my heart..

Nabilah Mustaffa
sometimes she's being an older sis to me..
i love her very much..
she's always change her phone number..
remembering her sometimes make me laugh..
she'll ask me for her new number if she didn't remember..
talkative person..

to all my dearest friends..
i love you so much..
eventhough sometimes there's misunderstanding between us..
deeply in my heart..
i love you so much..
you are very meaningful to me..
i miss every moment we're together..
you'll always stay in my heart..
love you....
sincerely from, nurulaini mohd shaher....

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