Thursday, June 30, 2011

Live your life well.

السلام عليكم ورحمة وبركاته

As we grew up, do you ever think that we do not have much time to live our life well? It's not as we grew up, the death can be happened anytime if it was destined for us. It can be a minute later, an hour later, a night after and so on. Did u ever had the chance to do what u wanna do if the death come invite us? Something that would make everyone happy perhaps, something u wanna do for someone u love, your family. Something you wanna repent. If we know the exactly time that the death will come invite us, we won't do something that waste our time, isn't it?

Ya, life wouldn't be that easy. We need to face all the things. Sometimes alone. Actually just feel that you're lucky that you went through all the things. Why? Because not everybody can face the same things just like you. You're great, isn't it that you can face all the things that come across your way which also sometimes can make you down. Just always remind yourself experience cannot be bought everywhere. How many you paid for such precious experience, you cannot buy it easily. It's not buy, but even you can't! You need to went through. From the experiences, you learn everything. You learn what life is. When you undergo something terrible, something hurtful, something you didn't expected, always remember that outside there, there's still a lot of people who really suffered. You're just luckier from them. And so, if you see such people who suffered a lot, help them. Cause although it's just only a small help, but the small one can lead to the greatest. 

Live your life well. You have the right to feel sad, but don't do something that can cause harm to yourself. Because you yourself is very precious to everyone in this world. If you said there's nobody loves you, believe it one day you'll meet such person. Who will love you sincerely. Even so right now u don't have anybody or somebody to love or to be loved, remember that we still have The Creator. The Creator who still give you the chance to live in this world. Learn to love yourself. You're a unique person just the way you are.

If you feel that your past is painful for you, then never look back. Past is past, yesterday is a history, today is a gift, and tomorrow is a mystery. Learn from the past and put all the efforts to improve. So that you can live your life well. Something that already happened, we even cannot change it to be happened again and happened in a better way. Don't waste your tears, and wake up for the future we even don't know what gonna be happened. Strengthen yourself and one day you'll realized that you're great. So, live your life well.

Kamsamhamnida. Thank you.

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