Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm ready.

Lately, it seems like what ya? that's not what i'm gonna say for this entry. I'm already bought all the things needed for the dinner tomorrow. Really excited right now. I think. Ya, truly said. It's the first time for me to attend a dinner like tomorrow. With the theme of 'Red Carpet'. I'm not an artist, supermodel, model, or such kind of people who had the chance to go to that kind of dinner. First time okay, first time. Full stop. No questions anymore please. Hehe.

Today actually i only had my nap for only 3 hours. Ya, went to the McD for having my breakfast. Only in the evening then, I take my lunch. Right now really feel asleep but i wonder i can still write new entry. No need to wonder cause i like, nope, i love to write post. Ya, to write what i feel, what had i done daily. Maybe. Please don't be confused. Maybe is not in the situation actually. Talking like an alien huh. Just bubbling here.

Actually, i'm a bit frustrated today. Hoping that my lens will be arrived tomorrow. But there's no such hope anymore. Unless there's miracle happened. Hoping for that miracle to be happened. T_T. I'm just planning to wear the lens for the dinner tomorrow night. I think I wanna take a nap right now. Cause i feel that my eyes cannot be opened anymore. Is it the correct word to describe my feeling of being sleepy? Never mind. Night everyone~

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