Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For my dearest friend....

Especially for my dearest friend..


don't be sad..
because of one problem you had..
because of the disappointment you're facing..

do you know that you're much luckier than others?
you still have your parents beside you..
you still have your family inside your heart..
you still have your very best friends with you..
do you know that there's still lots of peoples..
whose suffer a lot than you..
nobody beside them..
nobody support them..
but they never give up..
it's really painful..
but they still facing the suffering..
because they know..
one day happiness are waiting for them..

yes! you have the right to feel sad..
don't ever give up your life..
don't think about it deeply..
cause it will make you suffer..
you need to wake up..
i know you can do it..
and remember..
i'll stand beside you no matter what happened..
eventhough i'm not there for you..
but in my heart..
you're my best friends i ever had..
i'll always support you..

everyone will have the experience..
i know it hurts..
very hurts..
but honey..
it will teach you lots of things..
the things that you may never seen temporarily..
you'll see something miracle at the end..
people learn from experiences right..
from the experience..
it can be a guide for us..
in the future..

do you know that you are great?
did you ever heard about this?
Allah menduga hambaNya..
dengan dugaan yang hanya dapat dihadapi hambaNya..
with the suffer you had..
i know Allah choose you to go through with this..
He wanna see you..
how strong you are..
and i know..
you're very strong..

remember this..
always keep in your mind..
don't be weak because of one thing..
make the suffer as a strength..
for you to become a better person..
for you to step forward in your life....
because you're created to be a great person..

love you.......
my dearest friend..

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