Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally i owned that!

Today I got my new ic..
then now i can say goodbye to my old ic..
also to temporary ic..
it's quite burden to bring along the temporary ic everywhere i go..
with the size..
alhamdulillah.. ^^

remember one incident just now..
when i wanna open new account at Maybank..
it's quite weird..
cause at first they don't ask me to fill any form..
so, i'm waiting for my turn..
it's 1012 if i'm not mistaken..
but my turn number is 1051..
i laugh by myself..
how long must i wait to be called..
ops~i laugh alone okay..
no one heard..

the uncle beside me ask me to go first..
when there is no one go when the turn number is called..
but i refuse to go..
just being afraid..
penakut lah kau ni..
after that, he offered me to go to the counter after he paid whatsoever..
then, i go..
after the clerk gave me the recipe of the uncle..
then the clerk asked me..
i said i wanna open new account..
because the clerk is a woman, then i'll just use she..
she said nak bukak new account kat kaunter sana..
ok..then i said thank you to that uncle first..
i explained why i can't continue open new account at the counter..
manners laa manners..
say thank you tak rugi apa2..
uncle tu tersangatlah baik sebab dia offer saya untuk tumpang sekali nombor giliran dia..
kalau tak, tak tahulah pukul berapa nak habis..
i'm counting on how many people left before my number is called..
sila bayangkan betapa berjanggutnya saya..hehe..

after the uncle left..
I asked..
erk..sapa tah saya tanya..
tapi ada lah worker kat situ..
clerk..then she said..
ni clerk yang lain tau..
clerk perempuan tadi dah habis cerita..
sampai situ sahaja lakonan dia untuk sesi pagi tadi..
okay..saya pegi tempat ambil nombor giliran tu..
encik tu salah bagi nombor giliran pada saya..
waa..rasa nak menangis time tu..
anyhow, he said sorry..
dengan pantas terus menjawab takpa, takpa..
biasalah, dalam keja mesti ada buat mistake..

lepas ambik number lain..
my lucky draw number is 24..
sit there for a while..
stand there for a while..
then waiting for my name to be called..
lepas nama dipanggil, settle apa yang patut..
then, i got my Maybank card..

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