Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ouch! my head..

while listening to Blow Me a Kiss by Git Fresh..
i wanted to say about..
please pay attention that the purpose for repeating above word..
is to show that..
it is loading..
while i was at pizza hut two days ago..
my friend was joking..
my head got banged onto the pizza hut wall..
ouch! it hurts..
then we continue to laugh again..
when i wanna take a bath after that..
when i wanna shampooing..
suddenly i felt my head hurts..
i asked myself..
oh..i forgot..
my head got banged onto the pizza hut wall that time..
okay..finish already the story..
peace.. ^^
actually i wanna post about the sweet moment i ever had..
but it needs more time to do it..
i need to insert some pictures..
so..next time i'll write the entry..
i got two..
tomorrow i have a test..
entrepreneurship test..
perhaps everything will be fine..
*smile again*


♥ JaJaHuT ♥ said...

hehehehe...cian aini.. mesti temah yg wat kan.. heeee

nurulainishaher said...

hahaha..gelak2 sampai xsedar terantuk..hahahaha..