Sunday, January 30, 2011

Study abroad

when i was young..
i was thinking to study abroad..
until now..i really hope that one day i can study abroad..
seeing some of my friends go study abroad..
seeing their pictures..

in my head..
i keep thinking to further my study to somewhere..
japan..or south korea maybe..
i wanna see the development they had done for their country..
doing master abroad..
a brilliant idea!
before that..
i want to start working before further my study..
cause i want to do saving first..
so that later i'll not burden by daily expenses..
" money is not everything..but everything needs money"
so..whatever you wanna do..
it's important to have some saving..
so that when you're in trouble..
at least you have some saving..
we do not what will happened right..

in my opinion..
when we go somewhere..
somewhere we never go..
of course we can expand our view..
living at the place..
we'll gaining some experiences..
experiences cannot be bought right..
it's some kind like chances given to us..
to explore the world..
to see the beauty..
i love to do so..
perhaps one day i'll given the chance to explore the world..

this post i'll end it here..
cause it's already late to continue watching drama..
good night everyone..
just remember what my father said just now..
"May today is better than yesterday..May tomorrow is better than today.."


reen said...

study abroad at UTeM dah la...kui3 :)

♥ JaJaHuT ♥ said...

i owez pray for u dear.. nnt kite hang out kat over the sea pulak yer=).. mish u..=)