Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life story

Hi everyone..
long time no see ya!
the internet become slower..
so that i didn't have much time to write any post..
perhaps it'll become much better after this..
or i'll not have the chance to write any post more often..

everything seems to be good so far..
perhaps it'll long lasting..
may Allah strengthen me to face the life..
will not disappear..
our life is fulfilled with many challenges..
that sometimes we didn't expected it could be..
for me myself..
i hope that i'll become a much better person than before..
may Allah open my heart..
may Allah give His guidance to me..
so that i can improve myself..
to be a better person in the future..
perhaps the next day i can become a better person than before..

day by day..
i learn many things..
i hope that i'll become stronger to face all the challenges..
can choose the best solution for every problem..
learn how to be a matured person..
learn from mistakes..
from experience also..
never look back from the past..
take the past as a lesson for the future..
i'm in learning process..
even though there's no ending in learning process..

i feel more calm right now..
i hope this situation will last forever and ever..
in whatever situation..
once again..
may Allah open my heart and give His guidance to me..
towards Hijrah....
full stop.

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