Monday, May 2, 2011

Seeking for a job.

السلام عليكم ورحمة وبركاته
Hi everyone! I didn't have write any entry quite long time. Suddenly get the idea to write a post again. What I'm gonna say this morning. Thinking. Oh ya, it's already written on the title. But, actually at the moment I bubbling myself, I didn't have any idea what I wanna write about. Is it write? Oh my gosh! Typing okay typing. It's just a blog language. Ops~ Maybe for me only. =.=

Yes! This entry entitled on "Seeking for a job". Finally. Recently, I've already finished my final papers. Yea~ Clap your hand for me. *Clap* Finally. Really feel relieved. But I'm waiting to take my FYP report back to be edited. Last editing before it's going to be submitted again. *smile* Praise to be God. Finally. Oh gosh! I'm keep using finally. You know the feeling of being free. Just like you've been trapped for a long long time and then finally you got escaped with your own effort to be out from there. I love to study actually. *sad*

Right now, I need to put all the effort to seek for a job. I've already applied few jobs but I'm still waiting for the answer. Perhaps everything will be okay. Perhaps the job later, I'll love it. Ya, it's match with my interest. And of course I want the salary quite good too. Means that I'll be able to enjoy (lol!), pay monthly for new car (Oh my god! can't wait for that moment). And the most important thing, I wanna give some to my father. This coming Raya, perhaps I'll be able to give duit raya to my father and my sisters. Really hope so.

I wish I wanna watch a movie right now. Thanks for reading yaw!

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