Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easily addicted!


Hi all! I'm one of the fans of Korean dramas. I still remember the first korean drama I watched is Winter Sonata. If I'm not mistaken. Until now, I still a loyal fans of Korean dramas. When I had free time, I'll surely watch Korean drama. I would prefer to ask around which drama is the best to watch as it won't disappoint me! Currently I finished watching City Hunter. Damn it! It's really amazed me! It's an action drama. Even the heroin also know Judo.

I'm not going to tell you the synopsis cause you'll find that the drama will not waste your time and energy (erk?) to watch. It's worth! At first I won't watch the drama cause I heard the ending quite sad. I really don't like a sad ending. Never! Eventhough when I read a novel also, I'll read the ending first. (Eh, tak sabar lah kau ni! Fine!!!! Pokok pangkalnya memang tak suka tak suka tak suka sad ending!) However, when something become your interest, you cannot avoid it. Whenever my sister (younger sisters to be accurate), watch the drama, and then I really cannot stand it!!!! A decision has been made, and I must watch the drama!

Actually the drama is quite sad ending, but I still can accept it.*Wahh, dah macam nak minta kebenaran nak pergi tandas dari cikgu yang tengah mengajar tiba-tiba dengan accept tak accept* Hati mahu kuat bebeh! Kalau tak, kau sedia tisu berkotak-kotak di sebelah. This drama  taklah jiwang yang berkarat sangat sebab more to action. Even hero dan heroin tengah fall in love pun, still ada action lagi. Memang best! Rasa tak sabar nak tunggu episod seterusnya bila dah habis sesuatu episod. Eh, rasanya macam sama saja tiap kali tengok drama korea. -.-"

I do remember Korean Drama entitled My Girl. That time, I still don't know where to watch online and where to download and when I have some money, I decided to buy the DVD. My best friend suggested me to buy the DVD. And yeah! I keep watching the drama. This is what we called that addicted. Some Korean dramas, eventhough I had already watch the drama, but when it was showed on TV, I was just like being excited. I will watch again on TV.

Right now still searching for a drama to be watched. Hehe.

Thanks for reading. Good Night everyone!

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